Making Assets for the Virtual Dealers’ Den

We highly recommend 2-3 pieces of art for your virtual dealers listing.

If not, we will use placeholder assets for your page.

Place Aspect ratio Recommended size Notes
Listing 16:9 1920*1080
Icon 1:1 960*960 Framed within a circle
Header 16:9 1920*1080 Optional, we will use the listing image if not provided

Listing Page

The listing image will appear on the list search page

Recommended size: 1920*1080 (HD)

Details Page

The icon image will appear on your listing, bear in mind that this is framed within a circle so when creating this image keep it 1:1 aspect ratio and it’s worth trying out some circular masks on top of it to make sure it looks swanky.

Recommended size 960*960.

The header image will be used above your page if provided, if not the listing image from the list page will be used.

Recommended size 1920*1080.

File formats & file sizes

PNG, JPG, and animated GIFs are the accepted formats.

Try to keep the file size as low as possible, to help the page load quicker; some optimisations will be run on the source files provided and the files will be served at lower resolutions on smaller screens (eg: mobile) to keep the page speed decent without impacting the appeal of your lovely graphics.

As a rule of thumb anything greater than 1mb in size will be rejected if it cannot be sensibly compressed.

For animated gifs, keep the number of frames relatively minimal.