Virtual Dealers Den Terms & Conditions


  1. The Convention reserves the right to refuse a Dealer for any reason.
  2. The Convention holds no responsibility for items or services sold on any third party websites.
  3. ConFuzzled only provides digital space for dealers, and is not responsible for any business between attendees and dealers. As such, ConFuzzled will not get involved in any disputes between attendees and dealers.
  4. The Dealers’ Den management does not tolerate abuse of any staff/crew members or other dealers. Any such incidents may result in you being removed from the Virtual Den and/or the Virtual Convention, without any form of compensation.
  5. Please only link to your own store/content, and not to any malicious webpage. Doing so will result in immediate removal of your landing page and a ban on any future Virtual and physical Dealers’ Den application.
  6. Please refrain from activities that might distract or disrupt sales of other dealers in the Virtual Convention space.
  7. We would prefer that only furry merchandise be sold in the Dealers’ Den, though generally related items, such as Anime, are fine.
  8. Gambling is not permitted in the Virtual Dealers’ Den due to UK gambling laws.
    1. Raffles are permitted, but must follow the guidance outlined here.
  9. We cannot allow the sale of food or beverages by dealers in the Dealers’ Den, unless you are a licensed caterer. Proof of food hygiene certificates will be required.
  10. A note will be made of any dealer found to be consistently breaking any of these rules, for future reference.
  11. If you are in any doubt about any of these rules, please contact the Dealers’ Den staff before the Virtual Convention and we will try to help you out.

Dealer Registration

  1. Dealer registrations are open to everyone.
  2. When you request a virtual space, the Den staff will vet your application. Please see General rule 1.
  3. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a form via email asking for further details. This must be completed and returned by the publicised deadline for your place to be confirmed.

Copyrights and Patents

  1. No items may be sold which depict the ConFuzzled logo or other company trademarks (including representations of Brok) without express written consent of the ConFuzzled management.

Adult Materials

  1. While the Virtual Convention is not responsible for any links to adult oriented websites, we would like to politely request that the dealers keep any uncensored adult material off their front page.
  2. The Virtual Dealers’ Den, as with the rest of the Virtual Convention, is for over 18s only.