Accessible Rooms Update

You may remember in our earlier lottery announcement that we said there would be more information to follow in regards to our accessible rooms.

First of all we would like to thank you for your patience and have prepared some frequently asked questions we feel will help with a lot of initial concerns. If there is something we missed or if you would like to speak to us please email

How can I let registration know I would like an accessible room?

When registration opens attendees will be able to request an accessible room as their preferred room choice for the lottery.

Will there be a separate lottery for the accessible rooms?

No; Accessible rooms will be drawn in exactly the same lottery as the other rooms. This creates the fairest outcome for everyone.

If I am a person with a mental health condition, can I request an accessible room?

While we cannot say which room you should or should not put as your first choice we kindly ask that all attendees consider whether they need to have an accessible room as their preferred choice as these are specifically designed for those attendees with more physical limitations than others.

Could I be offered an alternative room that is not an accessible room?

The lottery could offer you an alternative room if all of the accessible rooms are gone. You will have the opportunity to reject or accept the alternative.

Are there only accessible rooms in the Hilton?

No, we have accessible rooms at both the Hilton and the Crowne Plaza

Will requesting an accessible room guarantee me a space?

No, as with all rooms in both the Hilton, and the Crowne Plaza, there is a finite number available. As such, we cannot offer any guarantees of availability in either hotel.