Registration Update

Hello everyone,

So we know you are all probably wondering when ConFuzzled is going to open for Registration. We wanted to take a brief moment to assure you we are working away behind the scenes here getting ready to open.

There is however going to be a little bit more delay before we are ready to open for the following reasons:

  • The Hilton are adding the final finishing touches to a major overhaul and refurbishment of the hotel.
  • They have updated the bedrooms and refurbished the event spaces and the new hotel spaces are looking brilliant.
  • We are making changes based on feedback received relating to the way our lottery system handles attendees with accessibility requirements. We want to ensure the system is fair and fit for purpose before we go live.
  • To make sure we can open registration with the correct numbers of bedrooms, and offer them to our attendees in an equitable fashion, we have had to put a short delay on opening whilst we await final bedroom numbers from the Hilton.

We are hoping therefore to open toward the end of November. 

We can’t give you the exact date just yet but after two years without ConFuzzled we want to make sure your registration experience on opening night is as smooth as we can make it.