Accessible Rooms: Update 2

Following on from our last update, we have now had the opportunity to review some changes that we would like to announce with reference to accessible rooms at the convention.

These changes have been reviewed by workshopping the new policy with our inclusivity team, in order to try and ensure we work with our community, and listen to feedback better.

The main headline is this: There will now be a separate lottery for accessible rooms. This is in an attempt to ensure that accessible rooms only go to people who have a need for these rooms, and are not bundled in with the rest of the lottery process for ‘regular’ rooms.

A few other important points about this change:

  • We will no longer be offering accessible rooms in the Crowne Plaza – we heard from you that these would be basically pointless because realistically – they’re in the wrong place!
  • Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to automate the process due to the time-constraints, so we will be running the separate lottery manually.
    • This means there won’t be an option to select an accessible room during the registration process. Instead, please select a ‘Standard Double’ or a ‘Standard Twin’. After you have completed registration, please email to have your registration manually switched over to an accessible room.
    • Ultimately, we only have a limited number of accessible rooms in the Hilton (approximately 20)
  • Whilst we cannot legally ask for any proof of a disability or requirement for these rooms, if it comes to light that an attendee has abused this facility, they risk a permanent ban from the convention.
    • This is ultimately to protect disabled attendees: we wish to ensure that accessible rooms are only for those who have need of them.

We also know that some of you simply want your accessibility requirements to be taken into account during the room allocation process. As has been the case in previous years, we would recommend that -during registration- you enter in any information that you would like to share with us into the registration form. Once complete, you should also email registration to make contact and ensure your information has been received.

If more attendees apply for accessible rooms than are available, anyone who is not allocated the accessible room-type would then be entered into the regular lottery. They will have the option to decline their room if they are offered one that doesn’t support their needs.

There are also other changes we’re looking to make around the convention spaces themselves. These changes are currently still being workshopped, so as soon as we have got the details ironed out, we’ll get them shared!

In the meantime, we know that some of you will either have questions about the above new process, or ideas that you might wish to share with us.

If you have registration related questions, please email

Alternatively, if you have any ideas, or feedback that you’d like to share, please contact -or-

Once again, we want to take the opportunity to apologise for the original announcement and process. We hope that the above changes will help to better address the accessibility needs of our community. We are deeply sorry for any hurt we caused. Please believe us when we say that we want to win your trust back, and we hope we can work with you to make that happen.

Thank you for your patience – we hope to see you all at ConFuzzled 2022!