Covid Pass Update

Today, ConFuzzled are announcing that you will no longer need to present a Covid Pass (or any other form of vaccination-status validation) to attend the convention.

This is a decision that is entirely out of our hands. The government announced last week that the domestic Covid Pass is to be withdrawn on the 12th May. This was our only legal route for verifying the vaccination status (or exemption) of attendees.

We know that some nations and countries still offer a verification option, but we don’t feel it is right to apply different requirements to different attendees. Hence we feel we have no choice but to remove the validation requirement for everyone.

We do not believe that this changes the risk profile for our attendees. Registration is already closed, and our policy had been clearly stated that all attendees must be vaccinated to attend. ConFuzzled does not offer ‘on-the-door’ registrations.

ConFuzzled’s other safety measures will still be in place for your protection. Including hand sanitiser stations, increased ventilation and airflow, and other measures designed to enhance safety and reduce the risk of covid-spread.

We also would like to encourage you to take a lateral flow test before heading to the convention and stay away if you test positive. This is not a condition of entry, however, and we will not be asking for proof of a lateral flow test at the registration desks.

Additionally, we would like to encourage the wearing of face masks. This is not mandatory, but we feel it would be a good idea to help reduce the risk of infections. Note, however, that not everyone can wear a face mask. Please do not bully, harass or challenge people who are not wearing masks.

The health and safety of our attendees is our highest priority. We know that the conditions created by Covid are challenging. We acknowledge that there is still a risk involved in mixing in large groups. We have tried our best to help mitigate that risk with the measures we are putting in place around the venue this year, in partnership with the Hilton.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email – if you have any questions about your registration, please contact

Thank you.

See you soon at the convention.