Hilton Digital Check-in

If you’re a residential attendee at the Hilton, you have the option of checking-in using the Hilton Honors app, and unlocking your hotel room door using an in-app ‘digital key’ (you can still request a regular key-card at main reception, even if you’ve checked-in through the app).

This will let you skip the queues at check-in during our busiest arrival times for the hotel.

IMPORTANT: For two-person rooms (double or twin), only ONE person per room may follow the below process to get a digital key. That person can then use the app to ‘share’ their digital key with the other occupant.  If you intend to setup a ‘tab’ on your room to which both parties can assign charges, in either name, you may still need to visit reception later to complete this for all room occupants.

Here are the steps (Check the app first if you are already a Hilton Member – it may have already been linked to your account through registration).

  1. If you’re not a Hilton Honors member, join here for free: https://www.hilton.com/en/hilton-honors/join/?OCODE=K030W
  2. Then, text 07451285124 with your details. We suggest the following template:
    Please may I attach my hotel reservation for ‘Hilton Birmingham Metropole’ to my Hilton Honors account, to enable app-based check-in:Details are as follows:
    Guest name: <REAL NAME>
    Arrival Date: <ARRIVAL DAY>
    Membership number: <YOUR HILTON MEMBERSHIP NUMBER>
  3. Wait for a response (it may take a while to be processed by the team) – if you load the app onto your phone, and sign in to your account, you should see your reservation listed.
  4. 24 hours prior to arrival, you receive a notification on your mobile device prompting check-in. You will need to add a credit card as a guarantee, this card will only be charged if the account (for fees you charge to your room) is settled by you. Note if overseas home address you will need to add your passport details.
  5. IMPORTANT: During credit card entry, a pre-authorisation of £1.00 will be made on your card, but due to an error in the app, it may show a higher amount (the full amount of your stay). This is NOT correct. Your hotel stay has been pre-paid via the convention, and the only pre-authorisation on your card will be the £1.00 amount. The only additional fees that are to be charged, will be those you bill to your room.
  6. On the day of arrival – 1 hour before key collection, rooms will start to become ready and there will be a ‘green tick’ on the digital key icon in the app. Until this point, please ignore any errors OR messages to visit Front Desk as the hotel will manually override verification.

Want to try a demo? Visit the demo portal here: https://hhonorsdemo.herokuapp.com/

Remember, these services are provided by the Hilton, not ConFuzzled. All Hilton Honors services are subject to the Hilton terms and conditions, available via their signup portal above. ConFuzzled cannot provide technical support for the Hilton Honors App or online services.