Room Lottery Waiting List Update

If you were not successful in getting a room space in our lottery and were waiting to hear if cancellations or non-payments would open up a spot for you via our waiting list, this post is for you. There’s also extra information below if you were on the waiting list, and had requested a table in the Dealers Den.

We’ve now processed virtually all payments and room-space allocations. This means that getting a spot allocated to you through cancellation or non-payment is now something we’d say is extremely unlikely.

As such, you may wish to make accommodation arrangements elsewhere. If so, you can let us know you’d like to switch to ‘attending only’ registration by emailing – you’d still be on the ‘waiting list’ for a ConFuzzled room space (so, you might want to book your private accommodation on a cancellable basis, just in case!).

DEALERS: If you still want a table, simply follow the advice above! If however, you have changed your mind and now plan to attend but not deal, please contact to either remove your table request, or make any other changes you’d like (such as switching to request a slot for a Pop-up space)

IMPORTANT: Tables / Pop-ups are only fully secure once your registration is paid-up and completed. As such, we recommend progressing your registration forward to ‘attending only’ or day-ticket(s) at this time (for pop-ups, the fee will be charged ‘pay on the day’)

If you have further questions, please contact for registration inquiries, or for dealer inquiries.