Registration 2024

Hey everyone! We hope you’re excited for ConFuzzled 2024: Dylan’s Ocean Odyssey! We’re pleased in this announcement to share the dates and details for residential registration!


The lottery window will close 6pm 15th September.

We hope to have results to you by Friday 6th October (after which payment will be due for those who are successful).

Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news to get out of the way: prices are going up. Sadly, even furry conventions can’t escape economics, and the reality is we now have no choice but to raise the prices you’ll see for ConFuzzled 2024. The new residential pricing for this year is below:

Core Days:
Check in Friday 24th May
Check out Tuesday 28th of May
Prices include your convention ticket fee and breakfast each morning of your stay.

Single Room: £485
Double Rooms from: £420 per person
Executive Rooms: TBC. Will be announced before Registration goes live.
Plus: £15
Sponsor: £50

Single Room additional days are £91.25 per night.
Double Room additional days are £75.00 per person per night.

All additional day requests are subject to availability.

We know these price increases are going to feel pretty steep for many of you. The reality is that for many years now, ConFuzzled has found ways to help keep pricing down as low as possible. Of course, that means when prices do eventually have to go up, the increase will be high.

As with the last couple of years, residential registration is opening first as a lottery process. ‘Attending only’ and ‘Day Tickets’ will open later, at a date we will announce in due course.

The main venue being of course the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, with the official overflow hotel being the Crowne Plaza.

Here are some FAQs to help you out!

I’ve never been to ConFuzzled before. How does registration work with you?

Here’s a quick summary:

If you want to attend the convention, with a room-space, we call that a ‘Residential Registration’. We offer your convention attendance and room space as a package bundle (this is the only way to get a room space in the main venue and overflow). Additionally, for the ‘twin’ and ‘double’ rooms, what you’re paying for is your individual space in the room – not the whole room. This means both you, and your roomshare partner must both register individually, and will both need to pay the relevant fee.

We also have single rooms. Note that there are fewer of these in the Hilton than there are double/twin rooms.

The convention runs 24th – 28th May 2024. If you’d like to arrive a day early (so you’d be checking in on the 23rd), that’s called ‘Early Arrival’. If you’d like to depart a day later (so you’d be checking out on the 29th), that’s called ‘Late Departure’ – you can add either one, or both, to your registration.

We do not offer options to only stay for part of the convention, e.g. two or three nights.

We offer upgrades such as ‘Plus’ and ‘Sponsor’ to help the convention and get extra goodies like the convention T-Shirt and other gifts in your conpack when you arrive!

To register, here’s a quick guide:

  1. When the lottery window opens, head to
  2. Follow the process to enter all your details and select your preferred registration room type and stay. Include any options like ‘Early Arrival’, ‘Late Departure’, and whether you’d like upgrades such as ‘Plus’ or ‘Sponsor’.
  3. A price will be displayed to you but you won’t be paying just yet.
  4. Submit your registration form, and wait for confirmation which will also include your convention badge number.
  5. For those selecting a twin or double room it is ESSENTIAL that you, and your roomshare partner, log back in to the registration system, and set each other as sharing partners in the system BEFORE the lottery window closes – if you do not do this your registration will be cancelled.

Once the lottery window closes, the lottery process will run. You’ll then be notified if you have been allocated a room or not. For those in twin / double rooms, you’ll either be successful or not together (so, there is no chance that one of you will get a spot, and the other be excluded).

If you have been successful, you’ll then be requested to make payment to fully secure your registration.

You’ll receive no specific ‘ticket’ – just your final registration confirmation. So, for ConFuzzled, simply show up and head to the registration room at the venue to collect your con-badge, and con-pack! You MUST have valid, in-date photo ID. You’ll need to present this at registration at the convention.

Head to the main hotel reception to check-in separately.

Why have prices gone up?

Sadly, we’ve had no choice this year but to increase our prices. A whole raft of influences go into making up the convention fees and room costs, very few of which we have much influence over.

Rest assured that we do everything we can to keep costs down including negotiating hard with our suppliers & venue.

How do I pay?

Payment will once again be by bank transfer. We’re sorry for not being able to offer a direct card-payment option.

If this option won’t be suitable for you, please get in touch with to explore alternative options – as we may be able to help.

Why is it a lottery process?

Switching to a lottery process has helped make our Residential Registration process fairer.

It’s cut down on the frustrations experienced from having only a tiny, mad-dash window in which to try and register. The lottery process means there’s a simple two week window in which to register, and it doesn’t matter when (during that window) you submit your details: you have as much chance as anyone else.

We feel this approach is much fairer given the limited availability of space.

What if I have an accessibility need to be in the Hilton?

When registration opens and before the lottery is run please add in any accessibility requirements you may have into the system and email

As was the case last year there will be a separate accessibility lottery run for those who e-mail in and inform us of your needs. Please be aware accessible rooms in the Hilton are very limited. Should you be unsuccessful in the accessibility lottery you will automatically be entered into the main lottery.

Will Dealers Den registration happen at the same time?

No, Dealers Den sign ups will open after the lottery has run and results have been emailed out to attendees; we will announce this separately.

What happens if I don’t get a room?

You’ll have some other options. These include waiting, just in case we get some cancellations through non-payment (for example).

However, the best route will usually be to switch your registration to a non-residential ‘attending only’ type, and make alternative arrangements with other Hotels and accommodation in the local area.

Why don’t you have more overflow hotels?

ConFuzzled regularly reviews our partnerships with other accommodation providers, however these arrangements must remain in confidence, and we cannot discuss such details openly.

We know that’s a bit ‘business speak’, but suffice it to say that it takes two to tango, and we’re trying our best!

I have a question not answered here

Please email and our team will help you!