Registration Lottery Results

Hello everyone!

We’re wanting to announce that we have now sent out the emails to let everyone know of their residential registration lottery result.

If you can’t see it, follow these instructions to find it:

  • Check your junk mail
  • Check your ‘Newsletter’ or ‘Other Inbox’ section – you may need to actually visit your email provider’s web app to see these or, in your mail client it may be in a different folder.

If you are using any special email filtering tools or processes, please note that the emails we have sent today are coming from Mailchimp, a mass-mailing system that most businesses would use for marketing or newsletters. Please check your email filters just in case our message got caught.

The news you’ll receive today will fall into one of three categories:

  1. You (and any room share partner) secured a Hilton room, and got your first choice (including any early/late days requested).
  2. You (and any room share partner) secured a Crowne Plaza (overflow) room (including any early/late days requested).
  3. You were unsuccessful in securing any room type, and are now on the ‘waiting list’.

Your specific email will outline what the next steps are. We are now going to be moving forward with formally approving your registration, and then requesting payment. You won’t get that email right away, but stand-by, it will be coming soon.

IMPORTANT: Until you receive this second email, your registration will not yet show as approved in the registration system. Please wait for this second email – this will be your notification that your registration has been formally approved.

The registration system will go live again on Tuesday 10th October – at this stage you will once again be able to modify your registration (some limitations apply). You can also once more upload badge and fursuit pictures.

When registration goes live, you’ll also once more be able to register for non-residential and day-tickets. Note that these registrations are subject to availability.

NEW PAYMENT INFO: As you know, we accept payment by bank transfer. New for this year, we are requesting that all attendees use a unique payment reference code that will be shown to you in the payment section of the registration system. Using this will ensure your registration gets processed and marked as paid faster.

In the event that you have been offered an option you don’t want, then you can simply ‘ignore’ any payment request and your registration will be automatically cancelled.

For option 3 above: we know that not getting a room is very disappointing. Unfortunately, there is finite space available in our official hotels. For now, our best advice is to wait and see if any non-payment cancellations free up some additional room spaces.

In the meantime, if you have questions, or wish to make changes to your registration, please contact