Dealers Den Update

Hello Dealers,

We are reaching out to all of you to give context and clarity for what has been going on in our team recently and set out our plan moving forward.

Firstly, we do want to thank you for your patience in recent weeks. Before the Dealers’ Den opened this year, we embarked on an ambitious plan to bring a new format for dealers to register and provide a much more efficient and user-friendly platform for you. We’ve also evolved our review process, as we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of dealers applying and we want to ensure we can support as many of you as possible while remaining fair in our selection.

One of the reasons for introducing the curation process is the planned reduction of the number of tables this year so that the space can be better managed by our team. We made this decision after reviewing previous feedback from Dealers, Attendees, and Convention Team Members. This adjustment will improve the overall experience for both attendees and dealers and we are hopeful that it will help make Dealers’ Den smoother for everyone. Consequently this solution should allow more physical space for everyone in the Den, whilst ensuring all dealers have a chance to be seen.

As you may have seen, we did not get this right straight away, and we have had some false starts. It was never our intention to cause confusion or upset, and we do seek to resolve these issues where they have arisen. As such, the Den Staff have been working hard to ensure that our steps to resolve these issues are in the right direction.

Moving forward, we will be waiting until after Furcation, as we know that some of you will be taking the chance to relax and enjoy well-deserved breaks, and will begin processing your applications after this coming weekend. All dealers will receive updates in due course, please note that they are being worked through in stages and that you won’t all receive updates at the same time. We will be releasing more information surrounding our curation process soon so that you can understand what is involved during this stage of your application.

We take into account every piece of feedback we receive, whether positive or negative, and we are confident that we will be able to deliver a fantastic experience for new and returning dealers alike, and look forward to welcoming you into the Den in 2024. Should you wish to provide feedback, please email us at


Kyne, Ahmenset, Jayson, and Gizmo