ConFuzzled Welfare

We just want to bring you all up to speed on some changes that are occurring with our Security team, as well as to explain why this is happening.

After the end of the last convention cycle the Directors began looking into what budget we could provide for training and courses for our staff and crew that could improve our services for attendees, and give something back to those crew and staff members. This includes mental health first aid courses, SIA training, manual handling and other training.

In the course of this investigation we sought legal advice from our solicitors as to how we could recompense volunteers and whether professional licensing such as SIA (for security) would be appropriate for our kind of event. The solicitor informed us that current legislation prevents volunteers providing any SIA licensed services (for example physically stopping people) in any part of a licensed premises (An area where the sale of alcohol is allowed). After this we confirmed with the Hilton that their entire premises (including the outside) are licensed premises.

Our legal advice suggests that we should repurpose our security team, and rename it to avoid confusion. This suggested team name would be called “Stewards”, and provide stewarding, similar to what you will have encountered at any festival, theatre, or gig, but that they cannot engage in the physical interventions that come under the purview of SIA licenses.

At ConFuzzled, the safety and security of our attendees is of paramount importance to us. With that in mind, we want to take the opportunity to reassure you that this will in no way compromise our ability to deliver on this front.

First, whilst our own stewards will not be operating in an SIA capacity, the Hotel itself does have their own security personnel onsite and we are consulting to bring in external security like what you’ve seen at ScotiaCon. As such, we will still have the ability to respond to any security incidents that may occur. Our Welfare team will operate closely with those security staff, and indeed already do this as part of their normal routine.

Second, the reporting mechanisms for you are likely to remain unchanged. If you need to talk to our team to report a problem during the convention, you can follow the same processes as before. This includes options like approaching a member of the stewarding staff, or speaking to Convention Operations, at the Con-Ops desk.

Work is ongoing to ensure the best possible safety is provided for our attendees, and we want you to be confident that our team will always give this the highest priority.

Best wishes

Yinx, Russet, & Fioxy