Animalz@CFz 2024

ConFuzzled is thrilled to be bringing Animalz to ConFuzzled this year, on the Sunday night of the convention!

Of course, we know you’ll have lots of questions, plus we have some vital information that we want to share with you about how the event will work! Please do take a moment to read the below!

Naturally, it’s not going to be exactly the same as a ‘regular’ Animalz (for those of you who’ve been before!), but we’ll be aiming to bring the vibe and atmosphere of Animalz to this one-nighter at the convention!

More Details

To facilitate the event, we’ll have a special code of conduct, just for this one event.


To call out a few specific points, please note the following;

  • There’s a dress code in effect – it’s more permissive than our normal ConFuzzled Dress code. Please read the examples HERE for information on what’s allowed.
  • YOU MUST NOT wear gear around public areas of the hotel! We’ll provide changing facilities & cloak-room inside the nightclub. You’ll have to change out of gear, or cover up with regular clothes, any time you want to leave the club – even to go to the toilet!
    • RECOMMENDED: wearing gear like rubber and spandex? Change up in your hotel room, then put regular clothes on top – as long as you’re fully covered up, then you can cross to the nightclub room, and speed through changing much faster.
  • You’ll need to sign-up (**IT’S FREE!**) for this event either in advance, or on-the-door. Note that -just as with all out CFz Nightclub events- that the room has limited capacity. Signup is no guarantee of entry – this is just to accept the code of conduct (Sign-up will be coming soon!)
  • Sex is strictly prohibited (no, there isn’t a ‘darkroom’!) – this will be strongly policed, and genitals, butts & nipples must be covered.
  • Photography is strictly prohibited. Upon entry, our team will apply stickers to your phone camera lenses – (these are removable after the event and will leave no residue)

On the night of Animalz@ConFuzzled, clear signage will be in place, and entry to the event will only be allowed if you’ve either signed up in advance or on the door. This also allows us to ensure that those with allergies to certain materials (like latex) are not accidentally exposed by entering a club event they were not expecting. For those wearing latex, we must insist that you do not use talc – instead use dressing aids like silicone.

Of course, this will still be a nightclub event taking place at ConFuzzled -a furry convention- so you can wear your fursuit, or regular clothes just fine!

There will be specific security in place too, and in conjunction with our stewards, we’re confident we can provide a safe environment for all our attendees.

Want more? Club Animalz Website


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