Animalz@ConFuzzled Dress Code Update

Butts, Nipples, and Diapers Oh my!

We’ve received a few clarification questions already, and also spotted an error (our bad!), so we want to give a quick update.

1️⃣In the simplified dress code and CoC, we advised that underwear like Jockstraps were OK. This was in error (Sorry!) – you must in fact cover your butts please!

2️⃣People have been asking about the nipple covering rule, so -to be clear- yes, we mean everyone, regardless of gender identity. This does not apply if you have no nipples. This might be the case for some Trans Men, for example.

3️⃣Finally, one point that didn’t make it into our Simplified Dress Code that some people have been asking about: no, diapers may not be openly worn.

We hope that provides a bit of additional clarity – and we apologise for the error relating to point one above.


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