Registration Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 08/08/2023

These terms are a legally binding agreement between ConFuzzled UK Ltd (ConFuzzled) and all registered attendees.


I confirm that as of the first day of attendance of ConFuzzled, I will be 18 years of age or older.

I agree that I will provide an acceptable and valid/in-date form of photo identification (ID) upon registering at the convention. If you are unsure whether your form of ID is acceptable, please email well in advance of the convention to confirm its acceptance.

I agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct & Safety Notices printed in the convention book, which are also available separately upon request. If I choose not to agree or if I break any of these, I may be asked to leave and not allowed to return.

I am responsible for my personal property. ConFuzzled, The Crowne Plaza and the Hilton Birmingham Metropole cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages to personal property including any items, costumes or accessories left within the ‘Fursuit Lounge’.

If I choose to participate in any activities with a costume of any kind, ConFuzzled, The Crowne Plaza, the Hilton Birmingham Metropole and any other associated business’ cannot be held responsible for any damages sustained to it.

I understand that the convention staff members aim to take care of the attendees during the convention, but that any medical care offered by ConFuzzled staff is done so on a ‘best effort’ basis. You agree to not hold responsible ConFuzzled for any damage to possessions which occurs during such incidents or indeed to any volunteer assisting in your care.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless ConFuzzled, The Crowne Plaza and the Hilton Birmingham Metropole from any claim for personal injuries or other damage arising from any of my own activities.

I understand that by attending any event run by ConFuzzled I may be exposed to allergens including but not limited to: nuts, fructose, lactose, latex and rubber and that by agreeing to attend that these allergens may be present in any convention space or public areas of the Hilton Birmingham Metropole or the Crowne Plaza. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless ConFuzzled, The Crowne Plaza and the Hilton Birmingham Metropole for any claims for personal injury or other damage as a result of exposure or ingestion.

I understand that “ghosting” is defined as: when a non-residential or non-registered attendee who has not paid for a residential space stays overnight in the room of an attendee who has paid for a residential space. I agree that if I am a residential attendee I will not permit ghosting of my room or that if I hold a non-residential registration I will not ghost another attendee’s room. I understand that violating the above ghosting rule may result in ConFuzzled issuing a ban from this and all future ConFuzzled conventions. This definition also applies to non-resident attendees on Hilton grounds after 2AM.

I understand that consent is required prior to any physical contact with another ConFuzzled attendee, including but not limited to any attendee in costume. I understand that any breach of this clause may carry serious repercussions.

I understand that pets are permitted only with the pre-purchase of a Pet Passport, and it is a requirement of the Pet Passport to sign the Hilton Pet Passport policy upon check-in to the hotel. Should you have a registered service animal please let us know ahead of time.

Should I choose to participate in the silent or live art auctions, I agree to be bound by the auction rules as displayed in the Art Show which are available upon request.