We’re Hiring: Deputy Head of Dealers Den

We’re hiring! ConFuzzled is looking for someone to join the convention team in the staff role of Dealers Den Deputy Head!

As deputy, you’ll work closely with the Head of Dealers Den to oversee the team, and help put together our core convention marketplace for dealers and attendees!  You’ll also be helping to run the convention store, and liaise with our charity team to help raise funds.

Some of your responsibilities in this role include:
  • Helping to manage a team of people
  • Working with dealers to ensure their requirements are met
  • Helping to design the Dealers Den environment
  • Helping to provide security by liaising with our Welfare department, and hotel security
  • Working with other departments for the distribution and sale of ConFuzzled Merchandise
  • Offering retail services through the convention store table

You’ll need to maintain a professional attitude and offer ‘customer service’ style interactions with our dealers, and our attendees. You’ll need good time management skills, as you’ll be required to work in the den at specific timeslots. In advance of the convention, you’ll also need to attend online and in-person meetings to help prepare for the convention.

You’ll be working with people a lot in this role, so the successful applicant must have good people-skills, and be able to conduct yourself in a professional manner, with diplomacy and calm, even when handling complaints.

To apply for this role, please use the application form here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SHNXYYM