Security Incident


At this time we have been made aware of a security incident in the Resorts World area. For your own safety, we are asking the following:

  • Avoid unnecessary travel between the hotel and resorts world & NEC
  • Remove your convention badges and furry paraphernalia if you do use these pathways
  • We recommend not wearing your fursuit or other furry accessories in these areas (e.g. tail, wings etc).
  • If you must travel, we recommend doing so in a large group.

The police are aware, as are security at Resorts World and NEC, who are both increasing their patrols.

We appreciate that not being able to wear your furry items outside in these areas will likely mean you need somewhere to store them if going offsite.

We have setup a temporary bag store at the ‘Innovations Suite’ room (location noted by the red circle on the map attached) for large luggage (suitcases). You can store your bag, and our team will operate a bag check-in process.

We will be trying to keep the Innovation Suite available until 6AM, at which time it will close. After that, we’re hoping to get the room back open at 9AM.

We will be setting up signs in the main Hilton Lobby, relating to various destinations around the NEC site, you can gather in groups to walk together to these locations, so that you don’t need to head outside alone.

Stay safe, and please contact @cfzsupport on telegram. In the event of a major emergency, please dial 999