Dealer Action Required!


Our Den team are now into the final planning stages for table locations, and as such, by 17th March, we need to ensure you’ve supplied the following (via the registration system Dealers Den Dashboard):

  • Neighbour Requests (must be mutually agreed)
  • Any requests not to be located near another particular dealer
  • Any and all medical information (especially anything that might impact your table location)
  • Double check any trade name, shop description etc is correct.
  • Ensure you have entered assistant badge numbers (only one per table permitted – unless by special arrangement with our Den team)

It’s vital that we have the relevant information supplied in advance, as these will be the details that go into our conbook to help identify you and your table location to attendees visiting the den, and in turn help you share with your customers where they can find you!

Please ensure all the above information has been supplied by the end of 17th March. If you have any questions or concerns, or are having problems accessing the Dealers Dashboard in the reg system, please contact

Many thanks!