Animalz@ConFuzzled Code of Conduct

Last updated: 24/04/2024

Club Animalz Night Code of Conduct


We are thrilled to announce the collaboration between ConFuzzled UK Ltd. and Club Animalz for an unforgettable night at ConFuzzled 2024.

As we prepare to welcome attendees to this event, we are dedicated to ensuring a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for everyone. The Code of Conduct provided herein sets the foundation for our collaboration, emphasising mutual respect, safety, and adherence to event policies. Detailed information on how to sign up and participate in Club Animalz night will be shared soon, inviting you to be part of this exciting experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to create a memorable and enjoyable event for all involved.

Respect and Civility

  • All attendees must treat each other, event staff, and venue staff respectfully and civilly. This includes Club Animalz staff, ConFuzzled staff, and Hilton staff equally. We do not tolerate physical or verbal abuse of staff members, or other attendees at the event.
  • Instructions from ConFuzzled UK Ltd. executives, event staff, Hilton Security, and venue staff must be followed promptly, primarily for safety reasons.
  • Discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to racism, transphobia, biphobia, misogyny, ageism, ableism and body shaming, will not be tolerated. The event is open to everyone and while wearing the event-specific gear is encouraged, it is by no means obligatory to enter the event — fursuits or regular clothes are also welcome.  Event-specific wear includes but is not limited to:
    • Puppy tails for show – non-insertable
    • Petsuits
    • Pup Hoods
    • Harnesses
    • Latex/rubber clothing
    • Leather outfits
    • Wetsuits

This list is non-exhaustive, and the rules related to covering up private areas and nipples remain in place. Where in doubt about an outfit, please ask a member of staff. The event retains the right to refuse any outfit it deems inappropriate for the dance floor. If there exists disagreement on what is and is not appropriate, the Director and Associate Director on call will hold the final decision.

  • Sexual acts are strictly prohibited within the event space. All actions between attendees must be consensual, including but not limited to social interactions, dancing, hugging etc. “No” means no!
  • Attendees are reminded to consume alcohol responsibly. Excessive drinking is discouraged, and individuals exhibiting disruptive or intoxicated behaviour may be removed from the event to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants.
  • Water stations will be present at the venue, but if you wish to head to the bar for other drinks you will need to cover up in clothes suitable for the public areas of the hotel as stipulated in the dress code before leaving the nightclub or request a friend to bring your drinks to you.
  • The medical department may be called where there is a concern for the person’s safety.

Admission and Conduct

  • Entry is managed by the Steward Department, ensuring compliance with outfit policy and ticket verification. Only ConFuzzled badge holders are allowed to own an entry ticket to the Club Animalz night. Both badge and entry ticket must be shown at the door to the event.
  • Event-specific gear must not be worn openly/visibly in public spaces outside the event venue. It should be covered up or carried until attendees can change in the cloakroom.
  • A Changing area and privacy tents will be provided for you to change into gear brought to the event.
  • Attire at the event, for everyone, should cover up any and all genitalia, butts, and nipples.
  • When donning latex-based gear, the use of talc powder is prohibited due to the aerosolisation of latex allergens.
  • Sexual acts are strictly prohibited, with consequences ranging from warnings to bans pending the severity of the issue. This includes the exposing of genitalia and nipples.
  • Attendees agree to this Code of Conduct and the general ConFuzzled Code of Conduct by participating.

Cloakroom & Property

  • Attendees are responsible for their possessions. Confuzzled UK Ltd. is not liable for damage or loss of property. We recommend patrons to use the cloakroom for added safety.
  • The cloakroom is available for use at the attendee’s own risk. Again, ConFuzzled UK Ltd. and the venue are not liable for loss or damage.
  • The cloakroom is not appropriate for personal belongings that require cold storage such as cooldown vests, or medication that has to be stored at a certain temperature. No food/drink, dangerous or illegal items will be permitted for storage.

Safety and Security

  • Attendees must comply with security measures, and where necessary this includes bag checks by Hilton Security.
  • Drug use or possession will result in immediate expulsion and police notification. We adhere strictly to venue-specific rules, licence requirements, and English Law.
  • ConFuzzled UK Ltd. Directors & Executives will be present at all times to enforce event rules, alongside stewards at doors and cloakroom areas. Hilton Security will assist in rule enforcement.
  • You will not be allowed to bring any restricted items into the event space. This includes weapons, liquids, needles, syringes, drugs, and powders. This list is non-exhaustive. If unsure, again, reach out for clarification before the event.
  • Only emergency life-saving medication is permissible at the event, however, this should not require cold storage (please reach out to before the event).
  • Incidents can be reported to any staff member, who will escalate this to the relevant department.

Health Concerns

  • In the event of a medical emergency, please make any staff member aware. They will escalate this to the medical department.
  • If you have any private medical concerns and are planning to attend the event, including e.g., epilepsy, severe asthma, etc. Please contact the medical department ( with any concerns you may have.
  • The event will have medical personnel present that can be called upon in the event of an emergency. There will always be personnel on the door that you can approach.
  • Hand sanitising stations will be made available for general hygiene purposes. Additionally, face masks can be provided where requested. These will be standard face masks and are provided as a courtesy. If you have any medical concerns, please source your own FFP2/FFP3 masks, shields, and any protective equipment that would be suitable for your personal medical requirements.

Venue Respect

  • Attendees are responsible for any damages caused to the venue and must avoid actions that could lead to damage. Where damage is noted, we reserve the right to ask you to repair or replace items damaged – and you agree to do this within 30 days of the claim.
  • You should under no circumstances enter the backstage areas, or touch/interact with any of the technical equipment present in any area of the event.
  • Cooperation with event and venue staff is essential for a safe and enjoyable event.

Photography and Privacy

  • No photography may take place in the event space. You will be asked to cover up your phone camera lenses with stickers provided by the event. The use of cameras will result in a warning, the request to see the photo deleted,  and expulsion from the event. If possible, we recommend you leave your phone in your room.
  • Convention cameras will be inactive, and the photography department will not be present.

Final Agreement

  • By attending, participants agree to adhere to these rules alongside the Confuzzled Code of Conduct, fostering a respectful and enjoyable environment for all.