Dealers’ Den

The Dealers’ Den is the convention’s marketplace, hosting over 100 of the fandom’s finest artists and creators from the UK and beyond! Attendees will find everything on sale from furry merchandise and prints to custom commissions and fursuits!

The Dealers’ Den is also home to the ConFuzzled Con Store where you can pick up a variety of souvenirs and memorabilia that ConFuzzled has to offer from this year and years past.

We are also proud to be hosting our Pop-Up Shops for 2024. If you are interested in being a Dealer in the Pop-Up Shops check out the Pop-Up Shops Page.

Visiting the Dealers’ Den


  • Food and drink will not be allowed in the Den, except if it belongs to dealers or their assistants.
  • The doors will be manned at all times, during opening hours, by a member of the Dealers’ Den and  Security department member. This is to ensure that non-attendees don’t wander in. Dealers are responsible for keeping their stock and valuables secure. The convention accepts no liability for any loss/theft/damage unless caused by our own negligence.
  • Photography & Videography are not permitted in the Dealers’ Den.
  • Wearing Fursuits or parts is not permitted in the Dealers’ Den due to safety concerns.
  • For more guidance on the rules please check out the Dealers’ Den Terms and Conditions.

Please Follow our Twitter account to keep up to date with any and all Events and Announcements regarding the Dealers’ Den before, during and after the Convention. This is where you will also find Information about all of this year’s Dealers, and the Treasures & Bargains they have to offer.

ConFuzzled Dealers’ Den Twitter

Dealing in the Dealers’ Den

Please make sure that you are following our Telegram Announcement Channel and our Dealers Den Twitter Account. This is where all our Dealers will find all important Announcements regarding the Dealers’ Den.


4ft Tables Price
Single Non-Wall £60
Single Wall £70
Double Non-Wall £120
Double Wall £140
5ft Tables Price
Single Non-Wall £70
Single Wall £80
Double Non-Wall £140
Double Wall £160


How do I apply to be a dealer?

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions of the Dealers’ Den and Prohibited Items you will be asked to sign a form agreeing to abide by these terms at the con when you sign in for your table.
  2. Register as an attendee of ConFuzzled for the entire convention.
  3. Wait for the Dealers’ Den registration to open.
  4. Log into your registration page.
  5. Click the Dealers’ Den option on the top right-hand side.
  6. Fill out all parts of the Dealers’ Registration page.
  7. Submit your registration.

Are there conditions when I apply?

Yes, there are a few essential conditions:

  • You must be a fully paid attendee of ConFuzzled to be approved for a table in the Dealers’ Den
  • Day Ticket attendees are not able to apply to have a table for the full 3 days. However, they can apply for a chance to have a Pop-Up Shop.
  • Registering for a table does not guarantee you a table
  • All table payments are made through our registration system
  • Like registration payments, a Dealers’ Den table can be refunded within the 7-day cooling-off period offered by ConFuzzled UK Ltd.
  • Paid Den tables after the 7-day cooling-off period are non-refundable.
  • If you cancel your table You will not be able to sell it on. 

For further information relating to conditions please read our Terms and Conditions.

What happens once I submit my registration to be a dealer?

  1. We will review the table request, and contact you if additional information is required or if your preferred table is unavailable
    • If your preferred table is unavailable, we will offer you an alternative or the option to go on the waiting list
  2. If your attendance has been confirmed and paid, you’ll receive an email about the additional payments for your table
  3. When you’ve paid the additional fees, and the Dealers’ Den have confirmed your payment, you will receive a confirmation email about your table (this can take up to a week)

What if I want to share my table?

If you wish to share your table with another Dealer, log into your registration page and provide their badge number. Each Dealer will have to enter the other’s number for the table share to be confirmed. Please ensure that you make this request before the deadline at the end of March (Only 5ft Non-Wall Tables can be shared).

PAT testing

We are required to ensure that all electrical equipment used by dealers is safe to be used by UK law.

Dealers are required to declare and have any electrical items tested by a ConFuzzled approved and provided ‘PAT Tester’ when setting up their table(s) when setting up their table(s).  You will not be allowed to take electrical items to your table(s) until they have been tested.

If there is a queue, or if you would like to leave your item with us and collect it later in the day, you will be provided with a cloakroom ticket which you will need to present on collection.

What do I need to do once I’m confirmed?

Once you have been confirmed as a dealer, the next step is to prepare to sell. We will send out an ‘info shot’ email (using the email you registered with), which will include important information and a ‘Dealers’ agreement.

I wish to cancel my Dealer registration. What do I do?

For further details on cancelling your Dealers registration please read our Dealers’ Dens Terms and Conditions.

I cannot afford to attend since I did not get a table. What can I do?


  1.  You can be added to the Dealers’ Den waiting list.
  2. Please see the ConFuzzled Conditions of Sale for Registration.
    • Section 18 focuses on transferring your registration to another person.

Dealers Den Payment!

To pay for your table, please make a bank transfer, by following the instructions in the registration system at

(If you are unable to pay by bank transfer, please contact payment support by emailing both and for assistance)

There are two paths that might apply to you:


In this scenario, simply:

  • Log in to registration
  • Head to the payment screen
  • Note the reference code, and amount due
  • Make payment using the bank details shown – a code will be shown to you that you should use as the reference number for payment from your online bank.
  • Once paid, please contact by email to advise us you have made a payment.

Please be patient whilst you await confirmation – payment processing on our side is done in batches by volunteers, and it may take a little while before you hear back.

If there is no reference code or amount due shown, please contact for assistance.


The process is identical to the above, but you’ll just be making one lump payment for both your registration fee, and dealers table. The only difference is:

Again, please be patient while waiting for your payment confirmation – it can take time for these to be processed by our volunteer team.

Dealers Assistants

I want to have an assistant, how do I organise that?

Dealers Assistant badges are only given to Registered Attendees of the Convention and are allocated to a specific individual that you will be required to name in your Dealers’ Den Registration. This means you must enter the name and badge number of your assistant/s in the appropriate place in the Dealers’ Den Registration Form which will be accessible a few weeks after the non-residential registration opens. If you fail to complete this step, you will not be allocated an Assistant Badge.

I am an Assistant for a confirmed Dealer, can I sell my stuff on their table?

If you wish to sell any merchandise of your own, you must apply to be a Dealer, followed by arranging a table share through the Dealer Registration Process. (Please know that both yourself and the dealer you wish to share with must have the table share section completed.)



Dealers’ Den Registration

Due to increased demand, the registration period has closed as of the 30th October 2023. This was ahead of the originally planned deadline of the end of February 2024. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this sudden change has caused.

Neighbour changes

We try to allocate Dealers next to each other when requested by both parties before the first allocation deadline of the 23rd of February 2024, however, if you wish to make a change thereafter, please contact us! 

Please note that we cannot guarantee changes after the above deadline.

Dealer Table Share

Whilst Dealer registration is open, you will be able to request and change a current table share. Once registration has closed, there is no way to make any further changes, so please make sure any changes are made by the 23rd of February 2024.

Special Requests for Tables

We are happy to accommodate special requests for table layouts and displays, but you need to make sure you get these requests in by the 1st of February 2024 (the sooner the better). This is because we must do an in-depth risk assessment for the Den and submit it to the hotel. Once this has been submitted there can be no substitutions or changes made. You can contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

Please note that ConFuzzled reserves the right to decline any request. There are limitations these include, but are not limited to:

  • The dimensions of the table(s) space offered by ConFuzzled.
  • Displays, Stands, Booths and other structures higher than 2.5m in total height from the floor.
  • Not encroaching onto other Dealers’ space.
  • Maintaining safe access to walkways.
  • Keeping emergency exits clear and unobstructed.


If you are dealing make sure to read

CFz Policies & FAQs

CFz Dealers’ Den T&Cs

CFz Code of Conduct

Weapons Guidelines

Contact Us

You can get in touch with the Dealers’ Den staff either by emailing us or by following us on Twitter.