Dealers’ Den

The Dealers’ Den is the convention’s marketplace, hosting over 100 of of the fandom’s finest artists and creators from the UK and beyond! Attendees will find everything on sale from furry merchandise and prints to custom commissions and fursuits!

The Dealers’ Den is also home to the ConFuzzled Con Store where you can pick up a variety of souvenirs and memorabilia that ConFuzzled has to offer from this year and years past.

Visiting the Dealers’ Den

The Dealers’ Den will be open to attendees on Saturday and Sunday all day, and Monday morning. Check the con schedule for exact timings.

Check back closer to the convention dates for our list of Confirmed Dealers.

Selling in the Dealers’ Den

How do I get a place?

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions of the Dealers’ Den and Prohibited Items
    You will be asked to sign a form agreeing to abide by these terms at the con when you sign in for your table
  2. Register as an attendee of ConFuzzled for the entire convention, make sure you check the box to show you wish to be a Dealer
    • You must be a fully paid attendee of ConFuzzled to be approved for a table in the Dealers’ Den
    • Day Ticket attendees cannot register as Dealers
    • Registering for a table does not guarantee you a table
    • All table payments are made through our registration system
    • Like registration payments, a Dealers’ Den table can be refunded within the 7 day cooling off period offered by ConFuzzled UK Ltd.
    • Pre-paid Den tables after the 7 day cooling off period are non-refundable and a refund will only be considered at the discretion of Dealers’ Den management
    • If you cancel your table, it will be offered to the next person in the list. You will not be able to sell it on
  3. We will review the table request, and contact you if additional information is required or if your preferred table is unavailable
    • If your preferred table is unavailable, we will offer you an alternative or the option to go on the waiting list
  4. Once your attendance has been confirmed and paid, you’ll receive an email about any additional payments for your table
  5. When you’ve paid the additional fees, you will receive a confirmation email about your table once the Dealers’ Den team have confirmed your payment (this can take up to a week)


Tables Price
One 4ft table £40
One 5ft table £50
One 4ft wall table £50
One 5ft wall table £60
Two 4ft tables £70
Two 4ft wall tables £80
Two 5ft tables £100
Two 5ft wall tables £110
Three 5ft tables £130


What if I am already registered for the Con but want to be a Dealer?

If you wish to be a Dealer, simply make the needed edits to your registration before the Dealers’ application deadline of the end of March. If you need help please contact us.

What if I want to share my table?

If you wish to share your table with another Dealer, log into your registration page, and provide their badge number. Each Dealer will have to enter the other’s number for the table share to be confirmed. Please ensure that you make this request before the deadline at the end of March.

In the event that the table share isn’t confirmed, the person who registered as a Dealer first will get the table.


Dealers’ Den Registration

This year’s deadline will be the end of March. But bear in mind that based on demand we may close Dealer registration early, in which case we will open a waiting list for any further registrations.

Neighbour changes

We are happy to ensure your den table is located next to a friend when requested, but the deadline for these requests is 20th March. If you wish to be moved after the first draft of allocations, please contact us. However, we cannot guarantee changes will be possible.

Dealer Partnership / Assistant Changes

You are able to make changes to your chosen amount of assistants while registration is open. Once registration has closed, there is no way to make any further changes, so please make sure any changes are made by the 15th April.

Special Requests for tables

We are happy to accommodate special requests for table layouts and displays, but you need to make sure you get these requests in by the 3rd February (the sooner the better). This is because we must do an in-depth risk assessment for the Den and submit it to the hotel. Once this has been submitted there can be no substitutions or changes made. You can contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

We do have limitations to what you can request and we reserve the right to reject any requests we deem too dangerous for yourself or others either at the time of your request or on the day. These limitations are:

  • The dimensions of the table(s) space
  • Stands higher than 2.5m in total height
  • Not breaching other Dealers’ space
  • Maintaining walkways
  • Maintaining emergency exits

Contact Us

You can get in touch with the Dealers’ Den staff either by emailing us or by following us on Twitter.