Events Signups

Some events at ConFuzzled require you to sign up in advance if you want to take part, while others have their own Telegram groups which you are free to join in advance of the con to discuss topics before attending the event in person.

If any of the events listed below catch your interest, you can sign up to take part or join the event’s Telegram group by clicking the relevant link.

5-Sentence Fiction

Ace Space

Alterhuman Meet


ConFuzzled Furry Fashion Show

Dragon Meetup

Electric Fursuits

Fur On The Clocktower

Furry Standup Showcase

Fursuit Making With Cub

Hoofers Meet

Living Large

Maws vs Paws Meet

Micro/Macro Meet

Monster Club

Plush Panel

Rail And Transport Meet

Rodents & Rabbits

RPG Gaming

Rubberfurs Social

Sciencefurs Meet & Greet

Shadow Raccoon’s Price Is Right


Swirly Social

TF Meet & Greet

The Food Chain

The Moxxie Games

Theme Park Furs

TikTok Furs

Trans & NB Meet

Unstable Magic

Werewolves of Millers Hollow

Whose Improv Is It Anyway?