Photoshoot 2023

2023 Photoshoot Instructions

Hi folks, we look forward to welcoming you into the photostudio very soon.

This year is very different and we want you to maximise your creativity as you join us and you step into our comic book. Before I forget please go and join our telegram channel for the photoshoot: All of this information plus more will be announced there also.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to book your slot via our booking system! We strongly recommend you join the telegram channel to be updated on when the system goes live. When it does, you’ll be able to access the system for bookings here: – and please note that if you are attending in a group, you’ll ALL need to book individually for the same slot!

You’ll be brought into the heart of our comic book world and invited to create your own mini comic strip with 3 frames! Can you tell a whole story in 3 photos? We have a massive list of pre-made options for you to choose from so that you can create your own fun comic.

In a ConFuzzled first, we are also letting you in on the secret before the con.

We usually don’t give away the game before it’s play time but we think this is just too much fun to keep hidden. Plus, we want you to come prepared and know exactly what you want to do so you are ready to unleash your full potential. In fact this is essential!!

The comic strip might look a little like this in the end:

Strike any pose you want but the important thing for now is the quirky tale you’ll tell.
Can you find a combination that you like out of the options from our set?

Below we are going to show you ALL the options we have available for you to choose from.

There should be lots of ways for you to mix and match them to come up with something funny or goofy or sweet to say.

If you truly don’t like any of them or don’t feel inspired by them, then we have created some blank ones. We’ll provide the blank canvas and then you can create it later.

(This option will require you to edit the photo after you’ve downloaded it so that you can add the text yourself)

The best way to be prepared is to map out EXACTLY what you want to say and have them prepared before you come to your booked slot. If you don’t know exactly then just have a few options in mind.

Our team will pick out the speech bubbles you want and display them.

You will then step in and strike your pose for the photo, you’ll move into the next frame to continue your story before stepping into the last frame for your third photo and final photo. We will do our editing magic and the photos will be combined to give the full story of your comic.

There are several ways to be prepared with your speech bubble options. You can hop over to our telegram channel: (might be best done on the desktop version for this) and download a full comic with a head spinning number of layers but it will allow you to fully customise our template.

Display and position the speech bubbles anywhere you like.

You can even use our shadow puppets to think about how you want to position yourself in the final product. Once happy, save it down as a simple jpeg or similar and then bring it along.

This will require a more advanced knowledge of photo or graphic editing software.

However it will give our team the best information to help you with your creation.

If this isn’t something you are familiar with, DON’T PANIC!!
All you need to do is know what speech bubbles you want and there are a few ways to do that.

First, have a browse at all the options below. Next you can screenshot or save down the images of the ones you want.

Or in the cards with all of them summarised, you can circle or highlight the ones you want (like a bingo card) and then save that down.
Or another option is to do the good old fashioned thing of writing them down. They are numbered to make it easier, just write down the numbers and we can sort it from there.