Social Signifiers Badge Creator

We recognise that many attendees of conventions wish to display a wide and varying array of social signifiers. These help you to signify important information about your needs and requirements without having to ask or explain every single time. This is deeply respectable and important, especially as conventions are so full of new people just waiting to meet you for the first time!

While we will always aim to provide physical hugs and pronoun badges during Registration, there are so many possible social signifiers that covering ourselves in masses of physical badges becomes a bit unclear, cluttered, heavy and potentially environmentally damaging. You need an option that is clean, concise and totally customisable. Which is why we’ve worked hard on this new tool.

Below you’ll find an A6-sized badge that you can populate with up to six social signifier icons. You can then print this badge at home and display it any way you like. You could even laminate it if that’s your thing. And if one day you decide to feature a different icon set, or it breaks, just come back and print a new one. Simple!

Perhaps you might display it alongside your existing set of badges. Perhaps attach it to your shirt with a pin. Or at your waist as a quick thing to point at when you need someone to understand your needs. Or even as a small card you take out from your pocket when needed. Whichever way you might use it, this tool is yours to use as you see fit. Either at Confuzzled or any other convention or meet where you might need it.

Advice on how to use the tool

  • There is a full key below just in case some icons are new to you
  • This tool works best on desktop computers
  • On the blank badge below, click on each circle
  • Pick your preferred icon for each spot
  • You can delete icons if you wish by clicking the trash button
  • Click print underneath the badge, and you’ll be invited to print the badge
  • Alternatively, save the print as a PDF to print at another time and place
  • The badge prints at A6 size, and should fit any custom A6 holder
  • We recommend laminating it so that it lasts longer at a convention
  • No Printer? Create one at our Con-Ops in May!

Icon Key