Social Signifiers Badge Creator

What are Social Signifiers?

Many attendees of conventions want to display a wide and varying array of social signifiers (pronouns, hug preference, etc.). These help you to signify important information about your identity, needs and requirements in a casual manner. However, there are so many possible social signifiers that covering ourselves in masses of physical badges becomes a bit unclear, cluttered, heavy and potentially environmentally damaging.

What is the Social Signifiers Badge Creator?

ConFuzzled has created a tool that you can populate with up to six social signifier icons of your choice and print at home. Once printed and trimmed, it fits within an A6 badge holder. You can print as many as you like. Display it wherever you like. You could even laminate it if that’s your thing. And if it degrades, breaks, or your social signifiers change, just come back and print a new one. Simple!

How is it best used?

You might display it alongside your existing set of badges. For something more obvious, perhaps attach it to your t-shirt with a clip or pin. For something more subtle, perhaps attach it to your waist at your waist for a quick pointing in case you need someone to understand your needs. Or even more subtle, perhaps as a small card you take out from your pocket when needed. Whichever way you might use it, this tool is yours to use as you see fit. Either at ConFuzzled or at any other convention or meet where you might need it.

How to use the tool

  • First, choose how many icon slots (up to 6) you’d like on your badge.
  • Click each slot, and select an icon of your choice from our extensive list.
  • You can delete icons from slots if you want to keep any slots blank.
  • Click print underneath the badge, and you’ll be invited to print the badge.
  • The badge prints at A6 size, and should fit any custom A6 holder.
  • Alternatively, save the print as a PDF to print at another time and place.
  • Laminate it, or print multiple, to ensure it lasts longer at a convention.
  • This tool works best on desktop computers, though mobile is supported.