Party Suites

Party suites are available for hire throughout the main convention days. Hosted in a King Suite, the rooms are capable of accommodating a maximum of 20 people at any one time.

The room is ideal for those wishing to host a social gathering for the evening, and keep the party going until the early hours of the morning. They offer a separate bedroom and living room, with dining table, comfy chairs and sofa.

The bed is a spacious King Size, and the bathroom includes a walk in shower.

Price: £255 per night

Room Type: King Suite
Sleeps two persons in 1 king double bed
Max. capacity: 20

Party Suite Lottery

Due to overwhelming demand for the limited number of party suites available, in 2024 party suites will be allocated by a random draw.

In order to be eligible to enter the lottery, you must be a fully registered and paid residential guest with ConFuzzled at the Hilton hotel.

If your party suite application is successful, you will be contacted directly.

Lottery applications will open Monday 11 March at 7PM and close on Monday 18th March at 7PM



Attendees can apply for up to three dates, in preference order. However, winners can only be awarded one suite.

If your party suite application is successful, payment needs to be received within 5 days of offer or the room holding will be randomly allocated to another lottery entrant. We can only accept payment for party suites via UK bank transfer or international bank transfer.

Party suites are available on the following days:

  • Thursday 23rd May
  • Friday 24th May
  • Saturday 25th May
  • Sunday 26th May
  • Monday 27th May
  • Tuesday 28th May

Terms and Conditions

The rooms are subject to the same Hilton Terms and Conditions as their normal rooms, and winners must abide by these and ConFuzzled Code of Conduct and Conditions of Sale.

While the hotel and ConFuzzled want you to enjoy your space and privacy, the party suites have these specific terms which you agree to upon accepting a room.

  • There will be no more than 20 people in the room at any one time.
  • Any fire doors will not be propped open both externally or internally.
  • Additional charges may apply for damages/cleaning if the room is returned in an unsatisfactory state.
  • Attendees will not use the additional room to allow people to ‘ghost’ in the hotel.
  • Security reserves the right to, upon receiving of noise complaints, request guests to vacate the room.
  • Please be aware and cautious of the noise levels of your room and remember to be considerate to your neighbours.