Dealers’ Den Terms & Conditions


  1. The Convention reserves the right to refuse a Dealer table to anyone for any reason.
  2. The Convention Staff reserve the right to prohibit the sale of any item they deem inappropriate at any time, shut down a table, or make other requests with which you must comply, without refund or compensation.
  3. ConFuzzled only provide space for dealers, and are not responsible for any business between attendees and dealers. As such, ConFuzzled will not get involved in any disputes between attendees and dealers.
  4. The Dealers’ Den management does not tolerate abuse of any staff/crew members or other dealers. Any such incidents may result in you being removed from the Den, without refund or compensation.
  5. Dealers are responsible for keeping their stock and valuables secure.
  6. The convention accepts no liability for any loss/theft/damage unless caused by our own negligence
  7. Dealers must not actively sell or solicit trade at any location within the hotel or grounds other than the Dealers’ Den or Art Show/Auction without explicit permission from the ConFuzzled Board of Directors.
  8. If exceptional circumstances force you to abandon your table, refunds and compensation may be offered at the discretion of the Den management.
  9. You may not resell your table to another party; if you cannot attend, or wish to cancel for any reason prior to the convention, you may do so without charge – however we would prefer notification in advance, so we can make the space available to others.  The deadline for such cancellations is one week prior to the convention, except in exceptional circumstances.
  10. Failure to notify us in advance of your intention to drop out from your confirmed space, may jeopardise your eligibility for a space in the Dealers’ Den in future years.
  11. We would strongly advise you be ready, and at your table in time for the initial opening of  the Dealers’ Den on the Saturday of the convention – if you have not taken your space by midday, we reserve the right to pass your table to other interested parties without any notification.
  12. Dealers must wear their Dealer badges at all times whilst in the Dealers’ Den, please leave your badge with your assistant (if you have one) if you leave the den.
  13. Please refrain from activities that might distract or disrupt other dealers.
  14. Keep pathways clear – your main areas for storage are under your table.  No-one should be sat in front of your table.
  15. Dealers are responsible for keeping the area around their table(s) clean and tidy at all times and must ensure that all rubbish has been put in the bins at the end of each day and when tearing down their table(s).
  16. The use of photographic and video recording equipment is prohibited. Dealers are permitted to take pictures of their own table, but must ensure that other dealers’ works are not visible.
  17. ConFuzzled UK Ltd accepts no responsibility for any property which is lost, stolen or damaged during the convention, unless caused by our own negligence.
  18. We would prefer that only furry merchandise be sold in the Dealers’ Den, though generally related items, such as Anime, are fine.
  19. Gambling is not permitted in the Dealers’ Den due to UK gambling laws.
    1. Raffles are permitted, but must follow the guidance outlined here.
  20. We cannot allow the sale of food or beverages by dealers in the Dealers’ Den, though you can put a bowl of free pre-packaged sweets out on your table.
  21. It is a requirement that all electrical equipment used by dealers is PAT tested. We will have our own in Den PAT tester from Friday to Saturday, simply hand your electronic items to them and they will do the rest. If an item isn’t PAT tested, you can’t have it at your table. This includes USB chargers
  22. We do not allow sharing of Double or Treble tables, as sharing is intended for people who do not require a whole table or more to themselves
  23. If you wish to sit near someone, please let us know in the ‘special requirements’ field on your dealer table registration and we will do our best to accommodate your request, though cannot guarantee that it will be fulfilled
  24. A note will be made of any dealer found to be consistently breaking any of these rules, for future reference.
  25. If you are in any doubt about any of these rules, please contact the Dealers’ Den staff before the convention and we will try to help you out.

Dealer Registration

  1. Dealers can register to be a part of the den during their convention registration system, please note that applying to be a part of the den does not give you a priority in regards to rooms nor will it affect the outcome of the lottery.
  2. Dealer registration still operates on a first paid first served basis
  3. When you request a table, one will be reserved for you pending payment.
  4. You’ll need to pay within the same amount of time given to you for your main Con fee.
  5. Once all outstanding fees have been paid, your table will be confirmed
  6. If payment is not received by the payment deadline, you will be issued an e-mail reminder notice and your Den registration will be marked as Overdue.
  7. Once you are marked Overdue, your Den registration may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of Dealers’ Den staff
  8. If demand is high, you may be placed on a waiting list for a table until such time as one becomes available


  1. Dealers are automatically given an assistant badge per table(s) booked and confirmed.
  2. Each dealer will be allocated a dealer badge, along with their assistant(s) being allocated an assistant dealers badge as well.
  3. If you require more help during setup and teardown, a maximum of 3 temporary assistants can be allowed and will be given an identifying wristband only valid for those times.
  4. People not wearing the dealer/dealer assistant/temporary identification will NOT be allowed in during setup and tear down

Copyrights and Patents

  1. No items may be sold which depict the ConFuzzled logo or other company trademarks (including representations of Brok) without express written consent of the ConFuzzled management.
  2. Similarly, no items depicting copyrighted characters/products or trademarks of any other company may be sold unless the seller can provide written permission, on headed paper, from the copyright/trademark holder, to the convention staff during the convention. If you cannot provide written permission, you will be asked to remove the items from sale. More information about UK Copyright law can be found here.

Examples that are infringement can be as follows: 1:1 copies of sprite art from video games; artwork or merchandise of characters that you do not own without written permission from the copyright holder, etc.

Examples that aren’t infringement: Fan art of licensed characters in your own style, etc.
Please note that this list isn’t exhaustive, and anything we, as the Dealers’ Den, deem infringement of copyright will be asked to be removed from any further sale.

Adult Materials

  1. The Dealers’ Den, as with the rest of the convention, is for over 18s only so adult oriented materials may be sold and may occasionally be visible.
  2. We would ask that adult artwork be kept out of sight or in clearly marked folders, unless it is being looked at.  Where practical, separate adult and non-adult art.
  3. Adult 3D artwork/sculptures must be completely covered (e.g. under a veil) or kept under the table unless being looked at.
  4. Furthermore, the categories listed on the Prohibited Items list are totally off-limits and banned from the Den.
  5. As per local law, we cannot permit the sale or advertisement of sex toys or fetish items.
  6. Anything else that the Dealers’ Den staff deem to be inappropriate for the setting will be asked to be removed from sale.
  7. The door will be manned at all times, during opening hours, by a member of the security department. This is to ensure that non-attendees don’t wander in.

Artist Alley

  1. The Alley is meant for art commissions and prints only. With this we mean, commissioning (for example) custom items, drawings, badges, stories and selling pre-made portfolios, zines, books, comic books and prints. Other pre-made merch items are excluded.
  2. Attending only and day ticket holders are allowed to enter the Artist Alley draw, but need to hold a valid ticket for that day. Note that if applying in person, you can only enter the day before, and not on the day itself, as we draw the winners at 8AM. Applying in advance by email is recommended.