First time?

ConFuzzled For Beginners

The below email contains useful information for those who haven’t been to the convention before. It also contains a few useful bits of information on how we do things at ConFuzzled, so this may be useful even if you are a seasoned con-goer!

Getting to ConFuzzled

First off – make sure you’ve planned your journey. Whether you are arriving by plane, train or car, our handy travel page will help! There is also information here on how to transfer to/from the nearby airport and train stations!

Keep an eye on news sources for UK travel information. Watch for delays on the road and rail network. If travelling by plane, make sure you keep an eye out for any delays that may impact your journey.

Be aware that some Airports in the UK are seeing increased delays for security and other aspects of clearance. Plan ahead, visit the websites for the airports you are passing through and contact your airline for travel advice.

“I haven’t got my ticket yet!”

You will receive no ticket either electronically (other than your confirmation emails), or in the post. If you’re a fully paid-up attendee – just turn up! Once you arrive at the venue, just follow the signs to the registration desks to pick up your conbadge and con-pack! You will simply provide our registration team with your details and some form of ID to collect everything.

To see when registration will operate, take a look HERE in our schedule. After registration has stopped on Saturday morning, we’ll be moving reg-pickup over to ‘Convention Operations’. This will be available for those of you who will be on a day-ticket, or otherwise arriving after registration has finished. (Note that Registration will only move to Con-Ops after it has finished on Saturday, so please plan your pickup accordingly).

Remember, you’ll get a collection of goodies depending on your registration level, so make sure you have all your stuff before you leave registration! This is especially important if you are a ‘Plus’, ‘Sponsor’, or ‘Super-Sponsor’ level attendee .. you get extra gifts!

Be sure to wear your con-badge at all times, as it ensures you get access to all the areas of the convention. It also qualifies you for discounts at certain hotel facilities.

Your pack contains the conbook. The convention book contains all sorts of information about the convention, a full event schedule including a description of all the events, as well as a map of the venue to help you find your way around. There is also a pocket program included too!

You can also view our schedule online. Head to to view it. Pin it to your phone home screen for fast access!

Your Room

If you are a residential attendee, you can check-in from 4PM on the first day of your stay. Just head to reception and check-in as you would any other hotel. If you set up a roomshare in advance, you’ll both be in the same room.

You can setup a tab if you’d like to charge hotel costs like food and drink to your room. Do this at the main reception – if you are in a double or twin room, we recommend both occupants do this together to avoid any confusion later on.

Keep an eye on our Telegram Announcement channel and Twitter for details on how you can also check-in via the Hilton Honors App, and use it to unlock your door!


There is a well known rule that applies to furry conventions, the 6-2-1 rule.

  • Always get six hours of sleep each night
  • Always get two square meals a day
  • Always take one shower a day

Follow these rules to stay healthy, and keep fresh & clean!

If you go fursuiting, it’s also important to stay hydrated and take regular breaks. Make use of our fursuit-lounges where you can take your fursuit head off, cool down, and grab a drink. This is all the more important if you go dancing in fursuit in our nightclub!

Remember – you can also use the fursuit drying facilities in the fursuit lounge to make sure your suit gets dry after each wear. This helps ensure you suit doesn’t get too smelly during the convention! Keep clean, keep fresh – you’ll get more hugs!

How to Food

We’ve got a whole load of different ways to grab a bite to eat. The Hotel has restaurants and our ‘Street Food’ stalls. Plus the nearby Resorts World also has a variety of additional options available.

If you have special dietary needs, speak to staff. Off-menu options may be available to help you stay fed!

If you’re a residential attendee – breakfast is included! This is a buffet setup, so whether you’re after cooked, continental, or both, you’ll find getting a good start to the day is easy!

How to get help

If -during the convention- you need assistance, please ask a member of staff – they’ll be wearing a badge attached to a red lanyard. You can also head to the convention operations ‘Con-Ops’ room which will be well signposted. They’re available daily to help you if the need arises.

Please refer to the previously sent ‘ConFuzzled Essential Email’ for more information on how you can contact us if you need help.

Please remember that hotel-room related questions should still be directed to the hotel staff. So, if you need extra towels, just call housekeeping, or ask at reception for help!

Also, we run our own full welfare staff at the convention. These staff members have special badges and can be clearly identified. If you have a problem – feel free to talk to them. They are there for your safety. You can also find the welfare office in the Durham room. If you need directions, ask at the Convention Operations desk.


The convention isn’t just about having fun, we also raise money for charity! This year our Charity isThe Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Please look out for the collection tins and drop in any spare change. Look out for charity merchandise in the dealers den, and bid in our auction – some of the proceeds go to the charity! There will also be a variety of Charity events – look out for them in the schedule!

Social Signifiers

There are lots of ways to indicate to people around you how you’d prefer to interact. Badges, stickers, signs etc. We’ve made a little tool of our own too, to help you produce your own Social Signifiers badge to indicate all sorts of information, including your pronouns, accessibility info, social preferences and more! It’s totally optional, but we hope you find it useful!

To access the tool and find out more, please visit the Social Signifiers page HERE!

More help

If you want more help on how to get going if this is your first con, then why not attend the ‘My First Con‘ event, in the Second Stage, 1030AM on Saturday! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please visit the contact-us page here to drop us a mail, or contact for general inquiries.

We look forward to seeing you all soon – take care!