Our Theme

We don’t fully know what happened to our planet.

The elders tell stories of a time a thousand years ago. A time when the seas rose, but not high enough to put out the fires in the sky. A time when machines ran the world, and yet Mother Nature sat there, watching, waiting, hand in hand with Father Time. Waiting for their inevitable time to reclaim what belonged to them.

This is the tale of a “A World Reborn”.

They share these tales so that we may learn from them. So that we can continue to build a better future for ourselves and the world in which we live. So that we can nurture a home where our neighbours are welcome and we may tell these stories to each other again, and again.

Welcome Home, Furries.

About Our Theme

Nature reclaimed most of the planet in the hundreds of years that have passed since the world was reborn. But underneath the beautiful greenery and abundance of nature there is still evidence of the world that once existed before. Some choose to embrace nature and its supremacy; The Guardians. They are nomads who seek to maintain this new and green world as their home.  And some choose to seek out the remains of the old world for scraps and parts; The Reclaimers. Their aim is to salvage the past and accumulate knowledge of where we once were so that it may not happen again.

This is a land reclaimed by plants and greenery. It lies like a blanket over the crumbled concrete relics of the past. Entire tribal communities have made themselves at home in the ancient steel and glass settlements of the old world. This is an eco-conscious utopia that flourishes in the crater of a time gone by. Life has overcome the worst of challenges, but not necessarily in the nicest ways. Think solarpunk, renewal, nature and the building of a better future for us all.

How can you join in?

We encourage all kinds of creativity! Make your own costumes inspired by The Guardians and The Reclaimers. Decorate your rooms with door signs showing how you would survive in this world reclaimed by nature. Dress to impress and represent the ideals of the world reborn. Design how you think you would look on this strange planet. You don’t have to use the designs above for inspiration. Go with whatever inspires you the most! This is not post-apocalypse. Think the aesthetics of Horizon: Zero Dawn or Solarpunk. This is rebirth, renewal and positive vibes for a future in harmony with the gravity of nature’s power.